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NX Audio PAC-12 (400W) PA Active Speaker

NX Audio PAC-12 (400W) PA Active Speaker

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Powerful NX Audio Pac-12 PA Active Speaker: 400W RMS, 2-way design. 2 Mic inputs and 1 AUX input offer versatile sound amplification for live events and presentations. Built-in amplifier for convenience.

  • Brand: NX Audio
  • Model: Pac-12
  • Type: 2 Way Speaker (It means it has separate drivers for low and high frequencies)
  • RMS Power: 400 Watts (This indicates the continuous power handling capability)
  • Inputs: 2 Mic inputs and 1 AUX input (It allows you to connect two microphones and one auxiliary audio source)

An active speaker means that it has a built-in amplifier, which eliminates the need for an external power amplifier. This type of speaker is commonly used for live events, public address systems, DJ setups, and other audio applications where a self-powered speaker is more convenient.

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