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Studio Master Professional DC 12.2 Mixer(12 Channel Mixer)

Studio Master Professional DC 12.2 Mixer(12 Channel Mixer)

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Introducing the Studio Master Professional, an exceptional audio mixing console tailored for the demands of professional sound engineering. Boasting a formidable array of features, this console is equipped with 12 balanced Mic/Line inputs, each accompanied by gain control and a 3-band EQ for precise audio customization. The 2 Aux Sends/Returns, complemented by 1 pre and 1 post aux sends rotary control per channel, provide unparalleled routing flexibility.

Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the Studio Master Professional showcases a sophisticated curve-front shape and a stylish grey panel, elevating the visual appeal of any studio space. The L/R Pan Pot, illuminated Mute Switch, and Clip LED per channel ensure seamless control and monitoring during intense recording or live sessions.

A 12-segment L/R LED meter for Master Level offers comprehensive visual feedback, while the Stereo Tape in/tape out and headphone out provide versatile connectivity options. The Blue Power on LED adds a touch of elegance, signaling the console's readiness for exceptional audio production. With ¼ TRS L/R Main Outputs, this Studio Master Professional is the pinnacle of professional audio equipment, marrying style and performance seamlessly.

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