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JTS TK-600 PA Professional Microphone

JTS TK-600 PA Professional Microphone

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TK-600 Vocal Microphone, a dynamic marvel designed for professional audio performance. This cable-driven microphone employs a cardioid polar pattern, ensuring focused and clear sound capture while minimizing background noise. With a broad audio frequency range spanning from 50 to 16,000 Hz, the TK-600 delivers rich, detailed sound reproduction suitable for a variety of vocal applications.

Constructed from robust diecast metal, the microphone guarantees durability for prolonged use in diverse environments. Its 600Ω nominal impedance and 1.8 mV/Pa sensitivity make it an ideal choice for both seasoned performers and aspiring vocalists. The TK-600 can handle a maximum sound pressure of 147 dB, ensuring distortion-free audio even in high-energy performances.

Complete with a balanced XLR cable and connection, the TK-600 seamlessly integrates into your professional setup. Weighing in at 380g, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and sturdiness. Elevate your vocal presence with the TK-600 – where reliability and superior performance converge.

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