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Studio Master Professional XR-40HH Dual Hand Wireless PA Microphone

Studio Master Professional XR-40HH Dual Hand Wireless PA Microphone

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Introducing the Studio Master SM-Professional XR 40HH Dual Hand Wireless Microphone , a high-quality UHF band frequency duet wireless microphone system that elevates your audio experience to new heights. With individual channel output featuring precise level control and a mix output option, this system provides the flexibility to tailor your sound with ease.

The XR 40HH boasts a user-friendly design with displays on both the transmitter and receiver, offering clear frequency indications for seamless operation. Now, you can confidently manage and monitor your setup for optimal performance.

Designed for versatility, this system allows two microphones to be used simultaneously, enhancing your audio capabilities and enabling dynamic duet performances. The XR 40HH includes two handheld microphones, ensuring that you are well-equipped for a range of applications.

Whether you're performing on stage, presenting in a conference room, or engaging in studio sessions, the Studiomaster XR 40HH delivers exceptional sound quality and reliable wireless performance. Elevate your audio experience with the XR 40HH—an embodiment of innovation and precision in wireless microphone technology.

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