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Stranger SM-6 PA Mixer (6 Chanel)

Stranger SM-6 PA Mixer (6 Chanel)

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Introducing the Stenger SM6 PA Mixer, a powerhouse in audio versatility with its 6-channel stereo echo mixer capabilities. The digital echo function offers a dynamic range from 20 to 400 m/s, coupled with a frequency response spanning 25 Hz to 25 KHz, ensuring a rich and immersive audio experience.

Experience precise control over your sound with an input gain ranging from -50 dB to 6 dB, complemented by an overdrive indication for optimal performance. The output delivers at 0 dBm / 17 dBm (775mv / 5.5v), and the equalization features for bass and treble allow for adjustments within a ±5 dB range.

Navigating your audio mix is seamless with controls for Gain, Eq., Pan, Echo, and Fader, providing comprehensive command over your sound production. The Stenger SM6 operates on AC 220V 50 Hz through an external adapter, ensuring consistent and reliable power.

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