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Studio Master Professional ORB-822 SC Mixer(8 Channel Mixer)

Studio Master Professional ORB-822 SC Mixer(8 Channel Mixer)

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Introducing the Studio Master Professional Mixer, a pinnacle of precision and versatility for audio enthusiasts and professionals. With an extensive array of features, this mixer empowers you to control and refine your audio with unmatched precision.

The Nominal Gain settings, including 60dB for Mic, 40dB for Line, and 20dB for Stereo Line, provide a balanced starting point for various audio sources. The Max Gain options of 80dB for Mic, 60dB for Line, and 40dB for Stereo Line ensure ample headroom for demanding recording and mixing scenarios.

Versatility meets excellence in the Input/Output Levels, with Mic inputs ranging from -10dBu to -60dBu, Line inputs from +10dBu to -40dBu, and Stereo Line inputs from +10dBu to -20dBu. The Aux Return offers a dynamic range from -10dBu to +30dBu.

The Main Output Level boasts a nominal level of 0dBu (0.775V RMS) and a maximum level of +20dBu (7.75V RMS), ensuring a robust and clear audio signal. The Insert In/Out options provide flexibility with a nominal level of 0dBu and a maximum level of +20dBu.

General specifications include a Mic Input Impedance of 5 KΩ Balanced, Line Input Impedance of 20KΩ Balanced / 10KΩ Unbalanced, and a Frequency Response of 20Hz-20kHz (+0 / -1dB). Total Harmonic Distortion is kept below 0.02%, while the MIC EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) stands impressively at -128dB.

The Studio Master Professional Mixer features a comprehensive equalization system, allowing adjustments with ±15dB at 12kHz, 2.5kHz, 400Hz, and 80Hz for both Mono MIC and Stereo Line channels.

Designed for convenience, the mixer has dimensions of 500 x 490 x 160 mm and a net weight of 6.5 kg. Elevate your audio production with the Studio Master Professional Mixer, where precision, versatility, and excellence converge.

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